The Cathedral of Seville: A mixture of religions with amazing results


The Cathedral is one of the most beautiful monuments you can visit in Seville. With more than six centuries of history, this monument is considered unique and extremely special. Back in the days when the Muslims took over Seville, they constructed a mosque where they could pray and practice their religion. Years later, in 1248, Ferdinand III of Castile conquered the city and destroyed the mosque almost completely to construct the new cathedral; which is now considered the biggest gothic cathedral in the world.
You will be able to appreciate the mixture of religions in several places and corners around the cathedral, especially in the stunning and wonderful Giralda. The bottom two thirds of the tower was constructed by the Muslims, but the top was built by the Christians. Ferdinand did this to let the rest of the world know that Christians are superior and therefore the owners of the city. 
You will enjoy of a perfect and beautiful view of this incredible infrastructure from most of the luxury romos Hotel EME has. You can’t say you where in Seville if you haven’t visited the cathedral, it is a must do.

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