What is a boutique hotel?


In recent years, within the field of tourism, has emerged a concept that many still have no clear idea of what is or what it means. The term I am referring to is the term boutique hotel

To fully understand this type of hotel, we must first determine its origins. The term boutique hotel comes from the United States, and seems to have originated in the 1980’s. New York City, a booming metropolis, was one of the first cities to popularize hotels of this type, a class which solely wanted a style of their own, free from larger chain hotels which were vastly uniform in style. Thus a new era of hotels was born.

The criteria, if any, that would determine if a hotel is worthy of the name boutique hotel is framed bellow by three key hallmarks:

Attractive and Urban location: For any hotel to truly consider themselves as a boutique hotel, they must be located in the heart of the a city, where there is a lot of  commercial and social presence. Thus, a hotel situated in downtown Seville would be a perfect example of an attractive and urban location making up our first key hallmark.

Attentive and personalized service: A boutique hotel must be known for offering attentive and sincere care, down to the most minute detail. Unlike like the standardized, rigid and impersonal characteristics of other hotels.

Design: The third and final characteristic of a boutique hotel is that it’s accommodations must be different, architecturally by level of design or decoration. The rooms should have their own personality, opting for originality, uniqueness and groundbreaking proposals that clearly identify them and allow them to differentiate themselves from the larger chains hotels.

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