EME Catedral Hotel In Just One Click


We are often asked how you, our subscribers, could at a glance know the rooms, dining options and entertainment offered by EME Catedral Hotel located in the heart of Sevilla, with our famous panoramic Terrace. To sum it all up, these details which characterize our Boutique 5 star Hotel, defines us as a charming hotel where experiences live rather than your stay.

Several options come to mind. First, a quick view of some of the rooms we offer, where the utmost care is taken. We always seek comfortable and functional decor, where design is a top priority. The EME style is well known in Seville as well as to our customers worldwide. Our design is based on the popular culture of the city, without forgetting the bold avant-garde. EME is a point of reference in Sevilla, for poise, and above all else, to appreciate the charm of pure life. Click 'Play' and let EME seduce you!

But if you want something more detailed, you can download and view at your leisure the Dossier of EME, by clicking on the bold text. And of course, all information can be found at www.emecatedralhotel.com, as well as contacts, maps, offers, etc..

As always we recommend and would prefer you to come in person to EME. The experience begins as you enter through our double doors, which lay next to the Giralda, passing our reception, reaching our majestic Patio de los Naranjos, as you advance to through our intimate and flirtatious Lobby, you will arrive at an elevator which will take you to the heavens of Sevilla... Our Terrace… You have to come live it, so that you too may be able to convey that which is EME...

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